Untitled: The Rise of The Walking Dead


When two of America’s hit TV series, The Sopranos and Sex and the City, were finally over, I thought there was nothing to be excited anymore when it comes to American primetime television shows. I have to admit that I’m a big fan of American made TV series. Though I have been a big fan of some…

Leaders Developing Leaders

Last weekend, our organization, the IE Leadership Expedition, conducted its Leadership Camp at the Genesis Valley, Consolacion Cebu. The camp sponsored twenty-five students from Agsungot Integrated School who were financially challenged yet very promising. Our aim as organizers was to develop their leadership skills and camaraderie through catering to their physical, emotional and psychological needs. We prepared a lot of activities which offered not only leisure but also lessons about becoming an effective leader. After the camp, the students gave their testimonies about their experiences, shared their gained knowledge and expressed their gratitude for being chosen to be part of the event. Although it lasted only for two days, we hope that we have ignited their desire to lead and to make a change in our community. 

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